First I want to clarify one particular thing. When I say it is going to snow on Sunday February 13th that doesn’t mean it is going to snow on Saturday February 12th. I really didn’t think this point needed clarification but apparently it does (after seeing some of the comments on the Facebook page).

So if I’m forecasting snow for Sunday February 13th… it doesn’t mean I am forecasting snow for March 17th or April 21st or July 17th or August 4th. We all clear on that point General McClellan?

So just to make certain we understand — when ANY forecast … WxRisk... NWS... Accu weather… Weather underground …says snow on February 13th that means is going to actually snow ON February 13th. (God Almighty there is some dummies out there)

Attached is the LAST CALL forecast map along with 3 other r images which show where the best snow is going to fall … the start times …and the sequence of events. The early morning and midday models did not show any significant changes. As I stated earlier NWS has issued winter weather advisories for Central Maryland including DC and Baltimore Much of the Central and Northern portions …all of the Shenandoah Valley and the northern third of Virginia.

As I’ve been saying for about 24 to 36 hours… there is going to be a concentration of 3 “ plus accumulation snow in the Central Virginia Piedmont possibly into the central of portions of the Shenandoah Valley. It looks like the heaviest snow band is not going to get as far north as Winchester or Leesburg or Martinsburg. But definitely the potential exists for 3 inches of snow in the DC Northern Virginia suburbs and possibly even DC in central Maryland itself.

Richmond is going to miss out on the big snow again mainly because by the time the snow gets into the Richmond Metro Area it’s midday and temperatures are warmed enough so they stay above 32 degrees. This means that the main roads will stay clear in the Central and Southern Virginia although it will be snowing.

Southwest Virginia won’t see much so I have the 1 inch line close to Roanoke metro area. This is also a non-event for Hampton Roads even though again Sunday afternoon it will be snowing for a few hours. The southern half of the Delmarva will probably again not see much because temperatures at the surface are too warm but from the Delaware Maryland Southern State Line essentially Salisbury North word there’s likely to be at least a few inches of snow from this event.



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