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DT Wxrisk
2 min readFeb 22, 2022


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As some of you may know my wxriskupallnight twitter page got suspended by the assholes that run Twitter. Their policy is to let you know immediately why and if you’ve been either temporarily suspended or permanently suspended. Yet for the past several days I have not received any reports or information from Twitter as to why did this.

Until today. A few hours ago I received an email from Twitter — tey actually apologized.

They have admitted that they should not have suspended the account but once that is done there is no way to reverse it. So in essence Twitter said we’re sorry we screwed up but fook you anyway.


With regard to the actual incident that caused the suspension… what happened was on Sunday I shared or re-tweeted a post that referred to Candace Owens as a right-wing pro-russian bimbo. I did not call Candice Owen a right-wing pro-russian bimbo …but I did retweet the comment.

mind you if you saw tweets over the past 2 weeks or even just today you can see that she has in fact a Mindless right-wing stupid Pro Pro Russia pro-putin bimbo. Earlier today she actually blames America for Russia going into the Ukraine. No I am not making that up. She actually says ‘WE ARE AT FAULT NOT PUTIN”.

Ronald Reagan and John McCain must be turning over in their grave.

anyway the point is I will probably I will recreate a new operational weather page for the Eastern CONUS on twitter either today or tomorrow when I get around to it.



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